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The VA Solution

We specialise in hiring and onboarding full-time, experienced  Filipino Virtual Assistants.  

We do more than just recruit. We also coach you on how to prepare yourself and your business for your new hire and ensure a successful relationship is established for the long-term. 

Are you burdened by the day-to-day operations of your business, overwhelmed by competing demands that make it difficult for you to focus on what really matters? 

Perhaps you’ve tried outsourcing your admin tasks, but find that you’re not getting that consistent, ongoing support from someone that REALLY understands your business and what you need. 

We know you’d love a Filipino Virtual Assistant, but we know. It seems hard. So many choices and different ways to go. It feels risky and unknown. I get it. 

That is why I developed The VA Solution

Our VA Solution is a 2-3 month program that covers the following four core components: 

  • Hiring a Stand-Out, Experienced, and Professional Filipino Virtual Assistant
  • Training and Onboarding of your Virtual Assistant 
  • Step-by-Step guide on how to ensure your Business and Processes are ready for your VA
  • HR Resources for managing your VA 

How does it work? 


We start with a 1-hour Onboarding call to get to know you and your business. This will include the following:

  • An overview of your business and what you do
  • A scope on the Virtual Assistant role, performance and skill expectations, and how this role aligns with your overall business environment.
  • A scope on what we would like to have in place so that you and your Virtual Assistant are set up for success from Day 1! 
  • A checklist of what systems and processes you currently have, and what we need to do to achieve a successful train and onboard. 


We create a comprehensive job specification for your review and approval based on our Onboarding call and our best recommendations to source your ideal candidate. 

We typically look for:

    • Exceptional traits include problem-solving skills, accountability, and reliability
    • We test for integrity, positive attitude, well-managed personalities, and assertiveness
    • We carefully assess each applicant’s educational background 
    • We require a minimum of 2-3 years of relevant experience.
    • We look for someone with strong verbal and written communication skills.
    • We look for tech-savvy with specific software experience.
    • Virtual assistants must also meet minimum requirements such as a quiet and functional work environment. 
  • First-round, short-listed interviews of up to 3 candidates. 
  • Candidates that pass the first interview are then skill-assessed with ‘real-life tasks’ to complete within a specific timeframe.
  • The candidate is identified and selected. 
  • Virtual Assistant Contract created for client review and submitted to the candidate


New hire undergoes The Doing Co Onboarding and Training Process which includes:

  • Communication and System Protocols
  • Implementation of key operating software tools and SOP’s
  • Working with YOU, the business owner
  • Developing a Virtual Assistant daily schedule to enhance their performance and role adoption.


We give you 3 months access to our Online Training Program that outlines:

  • A guide and methodology on how to prepare yourself and your business to receive your new VA 
  • How to ensure your business systems and processes are in place prior to the VA’s start
  • A practical strategy for super-busy entrepreneurs to implement in small manageable steps.
  • Essential Communication Tools required 
  • HR Guidelines for Managing a VA 
  • Tips on how to take the best care of your VA to get the most out of them. 
  • For the first month after the VA is hired, we will check in on both you and the Virtual Assistant to ensure that you are settling in well, iron out any issues or problems.