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Turn remote teams into high performers

Super Team Academy is a 6-month online program that gives business owners practical, leadership insights to maximise team productivity.


Increase the output of your Remote Team by 70% without spending 5 hours a week on Zoom calls

  • Would you like your team to be more proactive without needing constant guidance?
  • Do you aspire to foster a motivated team culture, but find it hard to find the time?
  • Have you ever wished that someone else could upskill your team and take that burden off your shoulders?
  • Do you want your team to feel loved, but find it challenging because managing people isn’t really your thing?

Managing a team is essential for growing a business, but imagine if you could enhance your team’s skills and productivity without having to add more tasks to your already overflowing to-do-list?

Strong, independent teams are the backbone of successful businesses.

Throughout the years, I’ve discovered that the number one problem in hiring remotely is the placement of inexperienced or unprofessional Virtual Assistants with business owners who often have little or no experience with managing people. The outcome is underperformance and frustration for both parties, with neither knowing how to break out of the rut. 

There is a gap in resources, services and know-how for building functional and effective remote teams.

Imagine that creating effective teams is no longer a challenge, but a seamless process…

  • Where Virtual Assistants aren’t just outsourced help, but valued team members who are nurtured and developed within a professional, curated community…
  • A place where business owners no longer feel alone, but empowered with on-demand HR support and continuous leadership training…

This is not just a dream, but the new standard for remote work management. 


What is Super Team?

A 6 month program where we offer two powerful pathways one for your Remote Team members, and one for you, the business owner.

  1. Remote Team Pathway: Equips your remote team members with skills, knowledge, and support to excel in their roles through monthly Masterclasses, community support, Plus 1:1 calls for individual support as needed. 
  2. Business Owner Pathway: Provides resources and support for managing your remote team with monthly Masterclasses, on-demand HR support, and 1:1 private calls as needed.

Super Team Academy creates happy, productive and inspired Virtual Assistants for super-busy business owners.



  • Monthly Live Zoom Calls: Including Expert Sessions and group interactive Q&A sessions. 

Topics include: 

    • The Accountability Toolkit: Staying Responsible and Reliable
    • Productivity Boosters: Get More Done in Less Time
    • Practical Skills for Everyday Tasks: eg Asana Training and How to Take Meeting Minutes
    • Stepping Up: Leadership Skills for Virtual Assistants
    • Clear Connections: Improving Communication in a Virtual Environment
    • Creating SOPs: A Practical Guide to Creating Training Manuals and SOPs
    • PLUS access to all previous sessions recordings
  • Remote Team Community Group: A supportive community for camaraderie, peer support, knowledge-sharing, problem-solving, and inspiration.
  • 1 x 1:1 Private call per month for personalized guidance and comprehensive support in professional growth and issue resolution. This could be just with our team, or include the business owner. 

Monthly Tech Tool Spotlight: In depth training on essential tech tools to enhance productivity. Upcoming spotlights: ChatGPT, Fathom,, Descript, Grammarly, LastPass,



  • Monthly Expert-Led Masterclasses with interactive group Q & A sessions:

Topics include: 

    • Leadership: Cultivating Effective Leadership Skills for Virtual Teams
    • Art of Delegation: Mastering Techniques for Efficient Task Distribution to reduce time and friction
    • Building your Business Hub: Establishing Systems and Processes for a Smooth-Running Virtual Team
    • Creating Connection: Building a Thriving Company Culture in a Virtual World
    • Harmony in the Virtual Workspace: Essential Skills for Conflict Resolution
    • Engage and Inspire: Boosting Employee Engagement in a Remote Setting
    • PLUS access to all previous Expert Sessions
  • Business Owners Community Group: a supportive community of like-minded people exchange ideas, share challenges, and collaborate with individuals who understand your journey.
  • HR Support Direct: Real-time support on HR-related issues. When you need immediate  guidance and advice on timely HR matters, you can post questions in our private Facebook group, or for strictly confidential matters you can book a private 1:1 call 
  • 1 x 1:1 Private Calls with Tamsin or an HR Mentor per month: book personalized sessions to discuss private matters. This could be just with our team, or include your VA. 

What to Expect From Super Team Academy?


Improved Skillset 

Equip your team with the latest skills and knowledge to enhance their efficiency and productivity.


Leadership Mastery

Gain the confidence to lead your virtual team effectively.


Real-Time HR Support

Tackle any HR-related issues head-on with on-demand support.


Community Support

Benefit from the wisdom, experiences, and camaraderie of like-minded professionals.


Personalized Guidance

Receive individual support through private calls, ensuring your unique challenges are addressed.


Better Team Management

Establish efficient systems and processes that make managing your virtual team a breeze.


Virtual Team Culture

Learn techniques to build a positive and inclusive culture, even in a virtual environment.


Ease and Peace of Mind

With expert support and community backing, navigate the challenges of managing a virtual team with less stress and more confidence.


Tech + AI Mastery

Your Virtual Assistants will be trained on the latest tech tools, making them even more effective and your life easier.

A Bit About Me

I’m Tamsin Parry. 

I’m an Operations and Team Strategist and have managed teams for over 3 decades, across 3 continents and multiple industries. In the past decade I’ve focused primarily on virtual teams and Filipino VAs –  hiring, training, and performance managing hundreds of Filipino VAs and understanding how to inspire them to consistently perform at a high level. 

Concurrently, I’ve been working with many business owners and discovered a significant resource gap around how to build functional and effective teams that can work more independently. The idea for this program was born out of the need for a solution – a space where VAs can be nurtured and developed, within a  professional and curated community, and business owners have access to HR support on demand, with ongoing leadership training.


Here’s a case study about one of my clients…

I had the pleasure of working with Belinda.

A successful, hardworking business owner who was struggling with the management of her virtual assistant. The VA started off well, but over the years Belinda became increasingly frustrated with her performance and was unsure what to do.

In a bind, too scared to “performance-manage” her in case she resigned, Belinda had no idea how to motivate her to perform better. She was growing increasingly stressed.

Our first step in working together was to explore possible reasons for the poor performance. We then established realistic performance expectations and set boundaries to monitor progress, as well as ensuring the VA had all of the support she needed to succeed.

Additionally, we added processes to the business and clear communication channels to ensure that the breakdown was addressed on both sides. Both Belinda and the VA began to build greater trust with this new found structure, improved communication, and clear, conscious boundaries.

Over the course of 6 months, the entire dynamic shifted. The VA was responsive, motivated and even started taking initiative in the business. In turn, Belinda found the structure easy and enjoyable, and excelled in her leadership.

Managing a team is essential for growing a business, but imagine if you could enhance your team’s skills and productivity without having to add more tasks to your already overflowing to-do-list?


Your future success is shaped by the actions you take today.

The cost of not taking action now isn’t just measured in operational efficiency or business metrics; it’s felt in the stress of handling daily challenges, the struggle to balance work and life, and the missed opportunities to strengthen your team’s commitment and passion for their work.


Frequently Asked Questions

Is Super Team only for Filipino VA’s?

While Super Team was originally designed with the unique challenges and opportunities of working with Filipino VAs in mind, the principles, resources, and community support we offer can benefit virtual teams from any location.

I have more than one VA, can they share logins or can I add them to the membership? XXFIX

While we do allow all of your VAs within a single business to share logins for our Membership Training portal, we recommend having an individual membership for each VA to ensure they receive the maximum benefits from our services. Only one user per account can book calls and have access to our exclusive Facebook group, which provides valuable networking and learning opportunities.

Can my business partner or manager join? XXFIX

Absolutely! Feel free to share your logins for the Business Owner portal with your business partner or managers within your company, so they can review the resources within the business portal. However, to ensure they receive the maximum benefits from our services, we recommend that each person have their own membership. See the additional person prices above. This allows each user to fully access and utilize all the features, support, and resources of Super Team Academy offers, including the ability to book 1:1 calls, access to our exclusive Facebook group and attending Masterclasses live.

Is Super Team Academy only for Full-time VA’s?

Not at all! Because of the investment of both time and money into the program it is very cost effective for full-timers, but if you have a long-term, committed part-time VA they are more than welcome. .

Can my VA join without me?

Yes, your VA can join even if you decide not to participate actively. (However, the membership fee remains the same, and is not discounted) Having said that, we do encourage your participation, as we have seen the greatest benefits occur when both parties are actively engaged in their learning and development.

How much time do I need to commit to Super Teams?

Ideally your VA will dedicate 1-2 hours a week to their development and learning by participating in the masterclasses, watching training videos that are relevant to the work that you are doing, and by engaging in the Facebook community. For you, the business owner, 30-60 minutes a week. We encourage attendance at the monthly Masterclass for an hour a month, and then the rest of the time would be up to you, to utilized on an ad hoc basis.


Tam go over al the FAQs in the gdoc and I will add them here. just to check context for the new 6 month version