an innovative and impactful approach to managing Virtual Assistants



We understand the critical role that trust and respect play in fostering a productive remote working environment. Our philosophy is built around treating each Virtual Assistant (VA) with maturity and autonomy, ensuring our support systems enhance operational efficiency without being invasive.



Our comprehensive 30 day recruitment + 1-month “settling-in” process will help your new online assistant slide straight into your workflow effortlessly. They will be well-matched to your business needs and ready to contribute from day one.

Perhaps you believe that an online assistant won’t fit into your business both culturally and professionally, or you’ve been burnt with a previous hire that cautions you to hiring again. Or maybe you just don’t know where to start – feeling overwhelmed with the whole experience.

We hear you… and we don’t want you to hold back your concerns.

Whatever they are, Remote Pro is specifically designed to address the needs of each unique business. Our goal is not only to help you find an exceptional online assistant, but equip you with the essentials to manage them well from the start.

Our commitment to your business

Beyond administrative support and HR functions

 We aim to be a partner in fostering professional growth and development, so that your VA doesn’t just do a great job, but has genuine career progression and feel fully supported and appreciated for the work they do.



1. Sourcing Your Remote Professional

Our process begins with understanding you and your business in order to find the perfect remote professional that meets your specific needs.

Onboarding Call and Planning
A 45-min (or less) Onboarding call to get to know you, your business and the requirements for the role.

Customized Job Specifications
We’ll create a comprehensive job specification based on your requirements, crafted to attract exceptional talent.

Access to a Specialized Network of Professionals
We utilize our extensive network of skilled professionals to source candidates that align with your specific business requirements.

2. Hiring Your Remote Professional

We make hiring simple and effective by handling all the details.

Rigorous Selection Process
From short-listing candidates to conducting interviews and skill assessments, we ensure only the most qualified and suitable candidates are presented to you.

Final Selection Support
You’ll receive our recorded interviews and expert recommendations to help you identify and select your candidate of choice. We also undertake reference checks to ensure your preferred candidate ticks all the boxes!

3. Onboarding Your Remote Professional

To ensure a seamless integration into your business, we’ll support you throughout the onboarding process.

Contract Creation and Payment Setup
We’ll complete the contractual agreements between you and your new hire and advise on setting up payment gateway, leave and time tracking etc.

Onboarding Call and Planning
An onboarding session between you and your new hire to set expectations, handle logistics, establish communication channels and discuss next steps.

1-Month “Settling In” Period
During the first month after hiring, we ensure that both you and your new hire are settling in well and have professional advice on hand to handle questions that my come up.

4. Training Your Remote Professional

Ongoing training and support to the business owner and the virtual assistant is critical in the first few months of the contract.

Communication and System Protocols
We start by setting up effective communication channels and system protocols to ensure seamless interactions and efficient task management for remote teams.

Foundations of Working Remotely
Our remote assistants undergo comprehensive training to master the essentials of remote work, preparing them for the specific challenges and opportunities of virtual environments.

Software-Specific & Business Specific Training
Training on the specific software, tools and processes your business uses, allowing remote team members to integrate quickly and effectively into your workflows and team culture.

5. Ongoing HR Management

This service includes the three core pillars that ensure a successful integration of your Virtual Assistant into your business

HR and Admin Support
Handling Payroll, Attendance, Leave tracking, contracts, HR hotline for ad hoc or emergency issues.

Performance Management
Daily and weekly monitoring, conducting regular check-ins, 1 on 1 coaching, reporting.

Professional Development 
Monthly masterclasses on topics such as: AI for productivity, Accountability, Leadership.



Administrative and Operational Support

  • Payroll Management
  • Timely and accurate payroll processing
  • Leave Management
  • Tracking leave balances
  • Managing leave requests and approvals
  • Contract Management
  • Drafting and negotiating terms of contracts
  • Contract renewal and termination handling
  • Time Tracking
  • Daily attendance logging
  • Work hour monitoring using dedicated software
  • HR Support for Business Owners
  • Assistance with team management queries
  • On-demand support for resolving HR issues

Communication and Reporting

  • Daily Communication
  • Daily check-ins via The Doing Co Slack
  • Community Engagement and Support
  • Real-time communication for issues and updates
  • Monthly Pulse checks
  • Reporting to client on any issues or concerns
  • Monthly Coaching Sessions
  • Personalised professional development coaching

Professional Development

  • Monthly Masterclasses to champion the VA’s professional development based on topic requests from business owners – some examples include: The Accountability Toolkit, Productivity Boosters, Practical Skills, Leadership Skills, Communication Skills, SOP Training,
  • VA Online Community
    A platform for The Doing Co VA’s to offer peer support, sharing resources, tips, and experiences


Onboarding Accelerator

The Onboarding Accelerator is a Super Teams service, valid for the first 14 days when your VA starts. We offer tech support and advice to support you and your new Virtual Assistant with setting up software, communication channels and any other tech requirements to support a smooth onboarding.

Please note: Our training and support is general in nature, you will be responsible for specific and specialized training and delegating work to the Virtual Assistants on a day to day basis.

Here's what some HAPPY clients had to say...

Meet Tamsin… 

I’m an Operations and Team Strategist and have managed teams for over 3 decades, across 3 continents and multiple industries. In the past decade I’ve focused primarily on developing remote teams – hiring, training, and performance managing hundreds of Filipino VAs and understanding how to inspire them to consistently perform at a high level. 

Concurrently, I’ve been working with many business owners and discovered a significant resource gap around how to build functional and effective teams that can work more independently. The idea for this program was born out of the need for a solution – a space where Remote Team members can be nurtured and developed, within a  professional and curated community, and business owners have access to HR support on demand, with ongoing leadership training.