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Designed for ambitious entrepreneurs who want to grow their remote teams without the hassle of recruiting and onboarding. Remote Pro takes care of everything so that you get to focus on what matters most – being the CEO of your business!


Are You Stuck in Admin Overload?

Are your days are consumed by tasks that keep you working in your business rather than on it?

Constantly Reactive in Your Day-to-Day – working on issues and tasks that keep you burning the midnight oil with no time to think about the direction of your business.

Not Sure What Tasks or Duties are Your Most Urgent Priority, and the thought of passing on parts of your business to someone else makes you feel overwhelmed.

Still Wearing 100 Hats where you don’t even have the time to know what kind of support you need to handle your most pressing business needs.

Growing Rapidly and You’re Wanting to Reduce Your Labor Costs so that more of your hard-earned money goes into taking your business to the next level!

Realizing That You Need a Specific Set of Skills, but you don’t have the budget to hire locally. How you do find remote support that doesn’t stretch you financially?


We Take Care of Everything

Our comprehensive 30 day recruitment + 1-month “settling-in” process will help your new online assistant slide straight into your workflow effortlessly. They will be well-matched to your business needs and ready to contribute from day one.

Perhaps you believe that an online assistant won’t fit into your business both culturally and professionally, or you’ve been burnt with a previous hire that cautions you to hiring again. Or maybe you just don’t know where to start – feeling overwhelmed with the whole experience.

We hear you… and we don’t want you to hold back your concerns.

Whatever they are, Remote Pro is specifically designed to address the needs of each unique business. Our goal is not only to help you find an exceptional online assistant, but equip you with the essentials to manage them well from the start.


We believe that sourcing the right Online Assistant will take you one step closer to growing a thriving business.

If you’re ready to focus on what you do best and find a skilled Online Assistant to support you, (or build a remote team of professionals for any area of your business), then our done-for-you service can be a game-changer.

An effective path to fast track your success that…

Gives You an Injection of Highly Skilled Professionals

40 hours per week solely dedicated to supporting you and the growth of your business.

Enables Your Online Assistant to Hit the Ground Running

With our comprehensive onboarding program that gives you a contributing team member within weeks.

Gives You the Time, Space, and Confidence

To focus on your business strategy, customer experience and revenue generating activities.

Gets You or Your Team on Board

(And even excited!) to welcome a remote professional into your workflow.

Modernizes the Way Your Team Works

To strip back inefficiencies, improve communications, and drive your business forward.

And So Much More...

If you’re ready to break free from the burdens of everyday tasks, enhance productivity, and start saving valuable time every single week, you’re in the right place with Remote Pro.

Elevate Your Business with Remote Pro

We’ve designed our service to specifically support you through the critical stages of sourcing, hiring, and onboarding a remote professional. Here’s exactly what’s included:

1. Sourcing Your Remote Professional

Our process begins with understanding you and your business in order to find the perfect remote professional that meets your specific needs.

Onboarding Call and Planning
A 45-min (or less) Onboarding call to get to know you, your business and the requirements for the role.

Customized Job Specifications
We’ll create a comprehensive job specification based on your requirements, crafted to attract exceptional talent.

Access to a Specialized Network of Professionals
We utilize our extensive network of skilled professionals to source candidates that align with your specific business requirements.

2. Hiring Your Remote Professional

We make hiring simple and effective by handling all the details.

Rigorous Selection Process
From short-listing candidates to conducting interviews and skill assessments, we ensure only the most qualified and suitable candidates are presented to you.

Final Selection Support
You’ll receive our recorded interviews and expert recommendations to help you identify and select your candidate of choice. We also undertake reference checks to ensure your preferred candidate ticks all the boxes!

3. Onboarding Your Remote Professional

To ensure a seamless integration into your business, we’ll support you throughout the onboarding process.

Contract Creation and Payment Setup
We’ll complete the contractual agreements between you and your new hire and advise on setting up payment gateway, leave and time tracking etc.

Onboarding Call and Planning
An onboarding session between you and your new hire to set expectations, handle logistics, establish communication channels and discuss next steps.

1-Month “Settling In” Period
During the first month after hiring, we ensure that both you and your new hire are settling in well and have professional advice on hand to handle questions that my come up.

Remote Pro is Perfect If You’re a…



Desperate to get their time back and needed the help of an Online Assistant ‘yesterday.’


Established Business Owner

Wanting to reduce local labor costs by outsourcing an existing role or parts of your business operations.


CEO with Management Teams

That are time poor and looking for online assistants to support your teams and their workload.


Rapidly Growing Business

That’s looking to scale further, and you’re wanting to hire a Digital Marketing assistant.

Hear From Some of Our Happy Clients…

3 Month Recruitment Guarantee

We’re confident in our ability to find the perfect Online Assistant for your business.

If, within 3 months, we both agree that your preferred Online Assistant isn’t the right fit, we promise to work with you to find a new candidate at no additional cost.

Our focus on quality and dedication to delivering the right match makes our Remote Pro service a worthy investment for your business’s productivity and growth.

The Doing Co CEO, and specialist in hiring and managing remote Teams

Hi, I’m Tamsin Parry

I’ve dedicated myself to help business owners to seek efficient ways to scale, primarily through hiring remote professionals. Over the past 10 years, we’ve streamlined the recruitment and onboarding process to source the very best for online businesses.

Through Remote Pro, I’ve discovered two empowering truths:

  1. Your success is intimately tied to how well you hire, onboard, and integrate people into your business. Generic hiring solutions often fail, which is why we’ve developed a tailored, 30-day recruitment process that ensures your new hire aligns with your business needs.
  2. Human guidance and support are irreplaceable when integrating new hires into your business. It’s more than just a hiring process; it’s about creating seamless synergy between your business and your new team members.

Remote Pro is built on years of expertise and a deep understanding of what business owners need. I’m here every step of the way to give you a smooth and effortless hiring experience.