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Online Business Management

A business will seldom be able to grow in a sustainable way without systems and a cohesive, integrated  team. There is only one of you, and yet, you might be limited by time, resources and capacity to really offer a business that demonstrates consistent delivery, service and operational excellence.

Through our “Doing” proprietary systems, the Doing Company was established to resolve these issues so that businesses can shift from a culture of overwhelm, fighting fires, reactivity, etc to a business that is productive, efficient and filled with joy. We aim to clear the physical and energetic space that will enable your business  to grow to fruition.

The Solution?

We review business systems, eliminate non-essential tasks, streamline the remaining tasks. We automate what you can without losing the personal touch, create training manuals, and assemble teams of people who you love and who love you. Entrust the work to them. Go forth and  work on the high revenue activities that make you happy and abundant.

It’s that simple, but does take time to get there.  

3 step process


We commence with a 60 minute discovery session where we review the business, looking at goals, current pain points, existing infrastructure and teams (if any), and overall objectives with growth and delivery. You might wish to consider our ‘business audit’ service for a more thorough review and analysis. 


Under our 90-day action plan, businesses typically commence with a 20-hour per month retainer. During this 90 day period we conduct a systematic sweep of the business. We strategise and streamline key operational functions in order to establish a solid foundation for sustainable growth. We focus on 4 key pillars of the business: Projects, Teams, Operations and Key Metrics. We “roll up our sleeves” and get stuck in. 


In most cases, the first 90 days will be transformational, with our 4 key pillars established and integrated into the business. With these foundations in place, The Doing Company offers clients an additional services.These include (but are not limited to):

  • Managing virtual teams
  • Project management
  • Launch management
  • Ongoing website management
  • Ongoing operations management and more

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