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Offshore Management

Despite being enticed by the substantial reduction in labour costs by hiring offshore, for many businesses, it can be a struggle to understand the operational and cultural complexities of bridging onshore and offshore business functions. At The Doing Company, we offer an “offshore experience, onshore” by fully managing business operations and teams within Australia whilst offering the cost benefits of an offshore service. 

We understand that you already have your hands full, so we aim to take the lead in consolidating, and in some cases restructuring, your business to create the space for you to focus on growth. We would never ask “What can we do? In most cases, we know what needs to be done, and have probably done it before. Having taken the time to understand your business, we know where your pain points are and will propose solutions, in practical, manageable ways. Although every business is unique, there are also similarities, and we bring our expertise and apply a framework to create structure to enable a more productive and enjoyable business.

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