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How We Work

The Doing Company is an innovative online business management firm that has established a ‘doing’ proprietary methodology (as the title suggests) that enables businesses (small and medium size) to become process driven and streamlined for the sole purpose of enabling business owners to focus on growth and bottom-line profitability. 

We achieve this through carefully developed product offerings that are tailored specifically to your business. Our services are progressive and streamlined so that each service is purpose driven and evolves to ensure that your systems and processes are running efficiently and where your business continues to run well while you grow.  Our services are tailored, but ultimately, fall into 3 specific (and progressive) phases: ‘eliminate’, ‘automate’ and ‘delegate’.

Propel Your Business

We are then able to offer several services that can propel your business into an online business management framework:

Project Management

Through TDC’s back-office support systems, we are able to deliver on time- sensitive projects that can significantly reduce your costs and increase your time of delivery. Rather than developing an in-house team and scoping your projects that are costly through productivity gaps and lack of resources, TDC has a back-office support team that can be deployed and tailored to each individual project

Business-Ready Outsourcing

Once we have completed part a) and we have scoped through our initial strategy sessions your long-term growth objectives, we offer you two business-ready outsourcing functions that help to bridge your growth with your delivery objectives. You have two alternatives to consider:

  1. TDC’s in-house team – rather than going to the expense and effort of building your own offshore team, you can simply utilise TDC’s offshore teams to manage your day-to-day business operations. 
  2. TDC outsourcing build – here we work with your preferred offshore suppliers to help you build your own offshore team and integrate your teams into your business objectives, operating procedures and processes. Once we’ve got you up and running, we will transition your team into your ‘business as usual’ practices that your team is fully integrated and aligned with your business strategy, systems and processes.

Free Consultation

Contact me to book your free 30 minute consultation. We support business by giving execution to their strategy and focus to their day-to-day work.

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